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    New to the Malamute World

    Post by cfitto on Sun Jun 16, 2013 8:08 am

    Hi Guys
    Just need to give a little info on my situation. I have 5 dogs (not Malamutes but all rescued and abandoned). During the last six months I have lost two to cancer. I have 2 old girls left and a male long haired chihuahua/Pomeranian 3 years. One of the old girls is going to rainbow bridge very soon with cancer also.  In the meantime over the last 7 months I have a young neighbor with a young 3 year old un-desexed male malamute. Basically has no understanding of dogs or the breed and how to care for it. I have been during this time walking and feeding it for approx 1.5 / 2 hours every day. I generally walk or get pulled down the park where we then travel through the bush for approx 30 mins with him off lead. At the end I put the lead on and we continue to walk through parks and streets. In the beginning it was very hard to have off the lead as he is a very dominant boy. With patience and understanding he has improved alot. I have been clicker training him and has been responding very well, but like all dogs has his moments. I would love to have him join our family but are unable at present with the old girl that has cancer. I don't want to upset the dynamics of the family with her.
    My questions are:-
    1. He will be de-sexed soon. When that is done can I bring him to my place and introduce the girl and boy to him or should I wait 7-10 days. Any ideas on how I should introduce them.
    2. I live in Sydney and I would love to do the sledding on a bike with him. If so where are we able to go?
    3. What sort of collar/lead harness would you recommend when walking. I was looking at the walking belt?
    Any advice / help would be greatly appreciated he is a wonderful boy

    Cheryl Fitton

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