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    Oceania Director

    Post by Andrew Gersbach on Fri Jun 29, 2012 6:40 pm

    Applications are open for the IFSS Continental director representing Oceania:

    Please submit your applications within 4 weeks to the Secretary of ASSA and if you need more information please contact Andrew Gersbach.

    The role and function of the Continental Directors are:

    1 To represent the IFSS member Federations from said Continent in the IFSS Council
    2 To be responsible for the Continental Championships if decided by said members:
    2.1 Solicit bids,
    2.2 Negotiate collaboration contracts with Race Giving organizations,
    2.3 Submit proposal to the approval of the continental national members
    2.4 Oversee the organization of the continental championships
    3 To be responsible for the Continental Cups if decided by said members
    4 To receive accreditation application from races in one’s continent for Continental and World Cup programs
    5 To give the Accreditation Committee input as to the quality of accreditation applications, gained from knowledge of races in his/her own region.
    6 To represent his/her continent at World Championships within the continent
    7 To liaise with the World Championship RGO (when World Championship is conducted in his/her region) when necessary and appropriate.
    8 To promote and coordinate education within the Continent.
    9 To promote and coordinate races within the Continent.
    10 To create Continental committees as required
    11 To give a yearly report to the National federations and the Council

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