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    Kangaroo Lice

    Post by jcsledda on Mon Jul 12, 2010 5:37 am

    Hi All,

    A vet who has several of her horses agisted on my property alerted me to the prevalence of Kangaroo Lice at the moment. One of her horses came down with a severe case in the last week or so. This is not isolated to horses but can infect other animals, including dogs.

    The main method of prevention is to ensure regular flea treatment of dogs/cats/horses etc. If, however, one of your animals become infected a thorough de-lousing program will be required.

    Whether this outbreak is region based, due to increase in numbers, or weather related is unknown. So, if you see your animals very uncomfortable this may be the answer. (And they dont need to have come in direct contact - just localised eg, your dog rolling/running in a paddock where an infected roo may have been).


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