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    Andrew Gersbach

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    Post by Andrew Gersbach on Thu Jun 24, 2010 4:12 pm

    Good luck and safe driving to everyone that is heading to GoldSeekers this weekend.
    Have great runs and enjoy the camaraderie.


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    Re: GoldSeekers

    Post by Paddles on Sun Jun 27, 2010 11:13 am

    Home!! and wasn't it a great weekend... even getting bogged did not lessen it's joy.... A brilliant run for me today!!!

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    Re: GoldSeekers

    Post by tseekaspirit on Wed Jun 30, 2010 11:03 am

    Hi all. Firstly as many of you know I turned into a bit of a sook for presentation at Goldseekers, slightly overwhelmed with it all, that I couldn’t get out any of the words I wanted to say!
    Coming in 1st place for 6 dog was like a dream, one I never ever considered we would achieve!
    So I would now like to say a huge Thank you to Goldseekers for putting on a awesome event! We thoroughly enjoyed the tracks and swimming holes! It was great to see so many of our old friends and meet some new!

    I would like to thank all the teams we passed... No one gave us a sideways glance and it’s great to see! Thank you to my handlers, and my sponsor Advance, Kristen for driving over with me and putting up with me for so many hours in the car, but mostly I would like to thank my dogs... It was a massive ask of them to spend 80hrs in the trailer to get out and perform for me as they always do.. at their best – regardless of any placing.

    As you have gathered we have arrived home safely, and hoping that our follow WA teams are arriving home soon, also safely!

    I hope to see many of you next year in WA, otherwise we will be back next year for the snow and Canberra once again!

    Happy Trails



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    Re: GoldSeekers

    Post by ACT Rep on Thu Jul 01, 2010 2:00 pm

    Congratulations Nat, that's awesome.

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    Re: GoldSeekers

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