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    Training question


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    Training question

    Post by Paddles on Mon Apr 12, 2010 4:42 am


    My dogs generally on a training run just jog along, now this did not bother me, I just thought, well that is them.... but on a recent training day with the siberian husky club, they proved that not only can they run fast when they want too, they enjoy it!! we chased and overtook several dogs. but this morning on our first run since that day, once again we just lolloped along, slightly faster than a walk. whilst fitness etc, must play a part in all this, I have to ask if my latest idea might work (before I risk my dogs)

    I was wondering, if I just ride a bike, and run them alongside me (not in harness, just on a lead) until they learn that running is good (after years of being taught not to run? to go steady etc) would this help get them fit, as well as teaching them to run faster? or would this be detramental to thier training as sled dogs?

    Thank you for your considerations and suggestions


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    Re: Training question

    Post by jcsledda on Mon Apr 12, 2010 8:00 am

    Ohh Paddles. The bug has bitten! How wonderful.

    What you have just seen first hand is that your dogs like to chase. They like to run down other dogs. The trick after that is to keep them going, particularly when they may not sight the next team.

    Bikes are a wonderful thing - but can be a dangerous thing if you have a dog on a lead. I'll give you a couple of examples of mishaps - firstly a kangaroo jumping out. My Mally wanted it, but of course I didnt. The result - the dog goes immediate right, I go over bars, bruised ego and scratches everywhere. Still not happy to learn from that - on another occasion a dog came barrelling out of a driveway. Similar result. Still not satisfied - training on narrow dirt road, car comes around corner, we go up embankment, I end up on backside.

    Now to real problems. Running your dog(s) on lead with the lead attached to the collar could lead to serious injury to the dog. Just think, they would be pulling from the neck and not through the body per the harness. As I mentioned elsewhere, walk them or run with them (if you can) with them in harness and with the lead attached to the harness loop. It is also a good way to reinforce commands - gee, haw, wait.

    Lastly, dont overrun or overtrain your guys. This can lead to injury and to boredom - where they may see a harness and think "not this again." Give them a couple of days recovery time, and then go out with them again. But, do different things. If you have a dam or river nearby, take them swimming (good resistance training and for muscle recovery).

    Great to see those photos. It really showed the enjoyment with the dogs.


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